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Online jobs are becoming increasingly popular among people from all around the globe because of its flexibility and solid earning potential. You can start earning money from home without any investment. All you need is a working internet connection (you already have that covered if you are reading this!) and a skill set. Skills are the most important part. Through online jobs, you will simply sell your skills sitting at home. There are tons of online jobs through which you can earn good monthly income. The purpose of this article is to highlight the top online jobs of recent time.



List of Top Online Jobs


Get Paid To Read Ads

This is one of the easiest ways to earn cash online. Advertisement is one of the biggest business of the world. Companies spend thousands of dollars as part of their budget for advertising. There are many websites where you can sign-up for reading ads and getting paid in the process. After registration, you can login to the sites and click on ad links that will be provided in your account dashboard.

Online Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs refer to small jobs which do not take more than a  few seconds or minutes to finish. There are loads of small tasks like sharing a page, giving review or rating a product, writing a short article and many other simple tasks. You can earn a  good amount if you work for a few hours daily on the sites that provide these micro jobs.

Online Survey Jobs

Online surveys are another great way to start earning money online. In online surveys, companies ask for your opinion for their product or services so that they can raise their sales. You can sign up for different companies that provide paid surveys. After you join with online survey companies, they will keep sending you surveys in your email. However, there are tons of companies that promise paid surveys. But only a handful of them are genuine.


More Online Jobs





Blogging From Home

Blogging is one of the most prolific online jobs. You can write simple blogs, post something on which you have good enough knowledge and promote your blog. You can create both paid and free blogs. There are many ways that you can exploit to earn from your blog. One of the most common ways is to put ads of the ad-networks like Google AdSense where you will be paid for each and every click on the ads in your blog.


Freelancing refers to providing your services and selling your skills to clients. Most of the clients will be temporary. One of the big advantages of freelance jobs is the flexibility that it provides. You can work on your own terms and still make considerable amount of money. Freelancing is one of the best online jobs to earn money. All you need is skills (it can be on any field). If you know something for which there is demand, you will be good enough to earn money from this platform. Skills like writing, web design, online promotion, coding, photography, etc are highly demanding in freelance markets.

Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs are becoming popular more and more since every website needs regular content to update their site. If you have interest in writing and consider yourself a good writer, then you can definitely try online writing jobs. You will be paid depending on the content length and quality.


Data Entry Jobs

There are various kinds of data entry jobs. However, there are loads of companies that cheat people for providing fake data entry tasks. Such companies look for a registration fee and once you pay them, they will run away for good. While considering data entry jobs, remember few things. Never pay any fee for registration and check the reputation of the company.

Buy and Sell Domain

If you are looking to make great money, then this business can be the right one for you. You can purchase domains at low prices from GoDaddy or another domain registrar then sell it at a much higher price to the people who need it. You can get many more times the purchase price of the domain based on the quality of the domain.

Sell Photos Online

This is another great online job to generate good income. If you like to take pictures of nature, real life incidents, animals etc, then you can sell the photos on many photo selling sites like photoBucket, shutterstock, iStock etc.

Earn Money From YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform. Advertisers from all over the world promote their products and services through promotional videos that can go viral on YouTube. You can create your own videos of online lessons, product reviews or of personal interest. You can join YouTube partner program and after your registration is accepted, you will start earning money whenever your videos are viewed.

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