How To Make Millions Online With A Website


Let’s safely assume that this is not the first time you have encountered an article on making millions online. The web is loaded with tons of articles on this topic and those articles make you feel like making money is a piece of cake. Although it is possible to get rich through online ventures and initiatives, you need one thing in common whatever initiative you take. That is, dedication and passion. Among the numerous ways, we are going to focus on only way that can take you to your objective. That is, website building. So, if you are wondering how to make millions online and have a fascination towards website building and developing, then do go through the story that follows. Who knows we might be providing inspiration to the next millionaire emerging from the online world.


First of all, stop thinking about making loads of money. If you constantly think about money, then you divert yourself from your core objective. Just focus on your work or initiative and think of money as a byproduct. It will follow once you start getting success and put in the hard work.

A Nice Little Story on How To Make Millions Online

Some time ago, there was a British student called Alex Tew, 21, who encountered a deficiency of cash for his university education. In 2005 he was going to begin a business administration course, and he was truly stressed over the cash needed to fund his education. He did not want to end up in a circumstance in which he would be paying off a student loan for quite a long time after graduation. A cash making plan was required to keep this from happening. Alex was resolved to abstain from getting truly indebted for a considerable length of time and took a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

Then, he started a brainstorming session. Following a few minutes, only one question appeared on the sheet: How to make millions? A few minutes later, there was an answer – sell one million pixels from a website page, for one dollar each, to individuals who want to advertise.A basic and simply delightful idea. At first, it seemed quite difficult to make a million with such an insane thought, however there was nothing to lose.

The student knew something about web design and spent his pocket cash for a domain name and a hosting account. In two or three days, the site was up and running. The smallest advertising space that could be acquired was 10 x 10 pixels square for a 100 bucks each. The main promotions were purchased by some relatives and friends and Tew already generated 1000 dollars of sales. More popularity was required. Rather than drinking himself into obscurity, praising the primary benefits, Alex spent all he earned for some media publications in the local daily papers.


This was truly a brilliant move – reinvesting the income back in the business. The media discovered his idea truly fascinating, and soon it showed up on numerous different daily papers for free. The business began to grow truly rapidly and just in a few weeks, Tew had 40, 000 dollars in income. This was totally enough for him to begin even two business administration courses. However, the moneymaking machine had just begun. Magazines, daily papers, bloggers and numerous different subjects considered the idea simply intriguing and media interest soar.

The Million Dollar Target Reached

Several months after the beginning of the endeavor, the pixel stores were practically sold out and the income achieved 1000, 000 dollars. Toward the end of the pixel deals, there were just 1 000 pixels left and a huge number of individuals where wanting to purchase them. The pixels were sold for about 40 thousand dollars on an eBay auction.

How To Make Millions was not as simple as it appeared…

In any case, nothing was as simple as it appeared. Tew experienced numerous issues amid his ‘business venture’. He and his million dollars site were both not arranged for the huge blast of offers and activity. Each link and banner had to be manually embedded in the page and when the purchase orders achieved a few hundred, Alex needed to contract a few individuals to help him with setting his customers  banners.

Additionally, his host account  was not ready to serve all visitors of the site, that achieved 4000, 000 for the last couple of months. This was insufficient, but rather his installment record was blocked in view of the surge of such a great amount of cash in so brief time. However, Tew figured out how to rapidly resolve these and some other issues. His solution finding skills were one of the fundamental factors for his incredible business accomplishment in such a brief time frame.


Rather than providing you a list of some so called ways to make money online which would ultimately lead you towards nothing, we have endeavored to provide you a success story on how to make millions online. If you are inspired and have the passion and dedication, nothing should be forceful enough to stop you from reaching your destiny.

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