How To Promote Your Blog


You have to follow certain strategic rules regarding How to Promote Your Blog in order to find your blog among the top of search engine results. Nobody will know your page exists if you don’t take action. The Internet consists of uncountable web pages and millions more are added every day. Your blog  page must improve its search engine rankings and page quality. You should use these top secrets and tips. Search engines love unique pages. You should maintain some specific systems in place to promote your page.

Know the Valuable Tips of How To Promote Your Blog

You are suggested to read the following points to learn more about the maintenance of your blog. Read attentively the following document and some strategies on How to Promote Your Blog.

How To Promote Your Blog

Content: Content should be unique and original as search engine values more  unique pages than plagiarized content. Search engines prefer new and fresh content,It is quite a significant factor for search engine traffic. The content should be search engine friendly. Your site should contain lots of content. Your web page should be found on the first page of searches. But how ? It is important what we are describing as you should have a plan to implement this. Search engines pays deep attention to the writing of the content. Your content should be of quality works. Visitors like unique content full of new information.

You should update your content time to time. Visitors like frequently updated content.  Add new pages weekly. You should format your page content and make it enjoyable to read. You should use a heading of each page. The title and heading should contain Key words. It can help improve your pages for search engine rankings. Headlines should be significant and meaningful so that the traffic(visitors) will continue reading.

The first paragraph is important because search engines pay deep attention to the first paragraph and readers also. Key words are inserted in the text and should be bolded. Every page should contain at least 200 words or more.

Use quality images that search engine can notice easily. Help the users by giving information to them for free.

Proper Domain Name & Keywords On How To Promote Your Blog

Domain names should be short, simple and easy to remember. Most search engines use smart, understandable titles of web pages. Page title with key words are the secrets of How to Promote Your Blog.

The Title

The title can contain maximum 70 characters. Use most essential key words at the beginning of the title.

URL Keywords

Add key words into your short URL. Your main page should link to all other pages. Give lists of sub pages on the first page and make a link on all sub- pages back to the home page so that visitors can go to different pages easily for more information. You may add your own search engine and give it a site map.

Your web page should be clean, simple and fast and easy to find a desired subject. If your web page is complicated, visitors may leave your site quickly. Set the important information on your first  page, set bookmark links in the first page so that the visitors can read pages smoothly and without clutter.


You should keep your headers clean and bold. H2 headers are good,If the header is to large it may appear distracting.

Use Meta Tags

How To Promote Your Blog

Use proper meta-tags. You should watch traffic, logs and keywords. Reply to every e-mail quickly. You should submit and promote your site to search engines and analyze search engines time to time and watch for errors carefully.Link building for targeted keywords and social media marketing are also good ways to build a reputation and a traffic base for your blog.

These are some of the many ways on How to Promote Your Blog.

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