How to Clean up Your Computer for Maximum Performance


A simple and and effective way on How to Clean up Your Computer for Maximum Performance can be done using your windows built-in tools. Cleaning your computer is nothing but to de-clutter your desktop and also the hard drive to make your computer work better and faster. You can do this cleaning by using the windows built-in tools. You are not going to spend anything for cleaning the computer. By doing so, you get great space and this will make your computer work faster and you can store more new things that you need. If the space in the memory is reducing, the computer will automatically work slowly. You need to keep doing this process whenever the computer is slow or is not performing or as a regular routine..


Clean Up your Computer by removing the junk files and duplicate files

In general duplicate files would be photo files, music files or video files, it is not possible for you to do it manually and keep deleting duplicate files. You can do this with an app, there are really good apps that you can download and install on your computer. These apps will assist you to find duplicate files, once you get the list of duplicate files, you can directly instruct the app to delete the same or if you are not sure of the files then you can very well go through the files and then delete the duplicate files. By doing this, you will be creating and saving space in the system and drives, the app will also confirm you how much data the duplicate files have consumed. You can also do the same with windows in built clean up functions. To starts the process, first remove the files from the recycle bin, then remove the temporary files. You can remove the temporary files on a daily basis by using the run option from the window icon, you need to type ‘temp’ and press  the ok button, and you get a list of files, they are temp files, these files get downloaded to the computer while you are using your internet. Select all files by pressing control and shift and delete, all the files will be permanently deleted from the system. Sometimes, if some files are in use, you get a message box saying those files are under process. Then, you can click skip or try again to complete the process.Then continue the same clean up your computer process by typing %temp% in the run mode.

Clean up Your Computer-2

The other way to clean the junk files in windows is you need to go to the search and then type  disk clean-up, just go through the list and then press clean disk space to remove all the unwanted files from your computer. You can do the same if you have windows 7 as your operating system, you have to go to start button, then go to accessories, select system tools, you get a disk clean up option, choose it and you get a box showing you all the files that can be deleted, you can view all the files, go through the same and then click clean up system files. If you feel you need some files then you need to just remove the tick from the box to stop it from being deleted.

Clean Up your Computer by removing programs that are not used and defragment your hard drive

The next option to free the disk space is by removing programs that you don’t use. You get a list of programs that can be uninstalled using the search option. Go through the programs if you feel that there are programs that are not been used by you just press uninstall. All the unwanted programs will be uninstalled and you also get the info of how much space has been freed. Even though the programs will be uninstalled there are many files that cannot be removed using the windows utility, these files stay in the pc without your knowledge. If you feel you need to remove even these files, then you can use some uninstaller like the Revo uninstallers and remove the unwanted programs completely. Once you are through with unwanted programs, the next step will be to compress the remaining data so that more space can be saved.

Clean up Your Computer

This is a very important step in the clean up your computer process, compressing the data is also called de fragmenting. The data stored in your computer will be deposited in a random way and it will take time when you load the computer, by de fragmenting, you get all the data closer to one place and the loading time will be reduced. In general, windows  has an option auto de fragmenting method, where in the computer will do it automatically and you don’t need not guide it. Other operating systems, you need to follow up the process to compress the data. The other way to clean up your computer is to remove the programs from launch. Once you load any program into your pc, it will launch in the start up program, when you start your computer, all the programs that are in the start up list will open thus the speed of your computer will be reduced. You can stop this by unselecting the program from the start up list, you need not delete the program but you can use it when you need it.


The most important thing that you need to do is to keep your desktop organised. Don’t dump all the files on the desktop, because once you start your computer, all the files and programs in the desktop get started and this will slow down your pc process. Make sure that you keep only shortcuts for all programs on the desktop and save all the files in folders and store the same in any drive. Arrange all the icons on the Desktop so that you will get to know which one you use often so that you can delete unwanted icons. Always try to update your system with all the latest updates so that you are well organised and up to date with all the systems.

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