Everybody Wants to Know Who Invented the Cell Phone


The Cellular phone has been a great part of the modern tech world these days, but who invented it in the fist place has also been widely discussed before. It’s interesting to know how people were living without the cell phone before the existence of this item. However, today, we cannot imagine how life without it was. Many people are using cellular telecommunication devices almost all the time and everywhere. It is hard to believe the world without it. However, we need to see the history of the cell phone in detail. We need to know the person who invented the cell phone.


Who Invented the Cell Phone many years ago?

It goes back to more than a century ago. We know that Alexander Graham Bell was the one that invented what later was called as a telephone in the year of 1876, it was after 1900 when Reginald Fessenden had achieve certain achievements in his area of expertise. He was the one that initially made a wireless technology available for a telephone call. So we can safely say that he’s the one that invented a wireless way. He transmitted the human voice via radio waves and sending a signal from one radio tower to another. He was the first person who did it.

In 1947, William Rae Young as an engineer proposed and arranged the towers into a hexagonal pattern, and it is now used to support the telephone network. On the other side, Reginalds work paved the way for broadcast but it also provided the foundation for cell phones and networks. In addition, other engineers helped in Bell’s laboratory. So, who actually invented the cellular telecommunication device has not been determined at this stage.

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When a caller moves from one tower into another tower’s broadcast radius, Young tried to understand this situation. He designed something for low power transmitters to carry calls across the network in this time, hands off was possible to do. However, there was a lack of technology at that period of time to make it possible. It took more than 10 years for the next improvement.

Companies like AT&T offered their customers to use radiotelephones while the world waited for the innovation or development about cellular technology. It was very different with cell phones today, and it looked like walkie-talkie transceivers. At that period of time, the call ability was very limited though. The callers should wait for other conversations to end before they completed the call. It was also meant that private conversation was impossible to do. Besides, the phones were very expensive and the weight was up to 80 pounds, or about 36.3 kilograms. It was not the device for your pocket then!

Everybody Wants to Know Who Invented the Cell Phone

Who Invented The Cell Phone, if we talk about the today’s cell phone, we still have to search for it. Young’s design should be developed and Bell Lab’s engineer did it. However, as AT&T were given the permission from Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to develop it, a competitor made a movement in 1973. The competitor was Martin Cooper. At that time, he was an executive with Motorola. Motorola is one of AT&T competitors and Cooper lead a team to design the first practical cell phone. He named it Motorola DynaTAC and it was not a tiny device. It was 9 inches or about 22.9 centimeters long and its weight is 2.5 pounds or about 1.1 kilograms. He made one of the first cellular telephone calls to professional rivals at Bell Labs.

To build cellular networks and cut down the production cost for making it commercial takes many more years. However, after a century of research, everything was being well organized. Today, cell phones are various with its brand and function. You can get it anywhere at a very low cost. Any type and shape of it can be purchased easily. You can bring it anywhere and have it with us all the time.   Maybe it’s not about the shape and weight of it anymore, but it is about the features.


Today people always need something fast and information delivered so fast, they need the high technology of a cell phone. Well, features are the most important aspect of a cell phone today. People need it more than anything else these days. It is very different about today than before. You must be very surprised about the history of the cell phone. Yes, although the first invented phone communication is Alexander Graham Bell, the person who actually invented the cell phone was Martin Cooper. He is known to be the one that made the significant development, but no one would be able to imagine what would of happened if AT&T was successful to undertake the further development of that new technology?

Thank you very much cell phone! Thank you very much Martin Cooper for your invention! Now we can be sure of Who Invented the Cell Phone.

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